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5 Reasons Whyÿ21 Jump Street Is The Best Comedy Of The Year

2012 film will top the laughs offered by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill
Calling 21 Jump Street “the best comedy of the year” may seem as premature as it is surprising. And yet, critics say the weekend’s big new release is so uproariously smart that it will be hard for any 2012 comedy to top it. Despite being based on a kitschy ’80s TV show known more for launching Johnny Depp’s career than for producing particularly worthwhile television, the new Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum-led comedy is defying audience expectations. (Watch a trailer below.) The two actors play Schmidt and Jenko, recent police academy graduates who, after an epic on-the-job goofup, are reassigned to work undercover in a high school, where they must infiltrate a drug ring. Here, five reasons critics are lauding 21 Jump Street :
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Fresh story, as seen today on the web atbetween Tatum and Hill
From “bromance” to “bromosexuality,” a litany of cutesy terms have been employed to describe the platonic bond between male leads in buddy comedies like I Love You, Man and The Other Guys . “What Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have in 21 Jump Street scrambles, transcends, and explodes all of that,” says Wesley Morris at The Boston Globe . The two actors are the film’s secret weapon, says Rene Rodriguez at The Miami Herald . Their easy rapport makes it instantly believable that they’ve been best friends for a decade.
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2. Tatum’s breakout comedy performance
Channing Tatum is best known as the beefy heartthrob from The Vow , the bland action star of G.I. Joe , and the introspective dancer from the Step Up films. But it turns out that Tatum has a “lunatic twinkle” that brilliantly lends itself to comedy, says Morris. “He knows about 300 ways to play dumb, and this movie lets him try them all.” True, says Lisa Schwarzbaum at Entertainment Weekly , the guy’s got a “great, I mean great , Dumb Face.” This is the kind of breakout “funny, self-aware comic” performance that we haven’t seen in years.
3. Its thwarting of low expectations
No one exepcted a hit for this big-screen update of an unflinchingly of-its-time ’80s TV show. Channing Tatum has never been funny before, and Jonah Hill is coming off an Oscar nod for serious work in Moneyball . The only movie its co-directors have made is the animated Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs . So really, the hilarious  21 Jump Street turns “predictability on its head,” says Joe Neumaier at New York’s Daily News . This could easily have gone the camp route, like the ’90s film version of The Brady Bunch , says Morris. But 21 Jump Street is so much smarter than that.
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4. The hilariously apt social commentary
The adult characters’ return to high school sets up a brilliant running joke about “high school evolution which doubles as a comment on social progress,” says Morris. The cool kids in 2012, they learn, are the “hipsters/earth-lovers/P.C. liberals,” nailing exactly how “class dynamics have altered since the TV show’s run on primetime,” says Ben Travers at Pop Matters . Tatum and Hill are a riot as they try to make sense of this, with Tatum’s Jenko noting, “I blame Glee .”
5. The impressively smart humor
"This is the rare breed of Hollywood studio production that has the brash spirit of an independent picture and the sharp wit of a stand-up comic," says Rodriguez. It’s not raunchy just to be shocking, or overly crass and sexual to feign edginess, says Travers. Instead,  21 Jump Street simply relies on smart dialogue and a brilliant concept. The film earns its R-rating, but it’s "never crude or mean-spirited or dumb."
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How Does GCHQs Internet Surveillance Work

In essence, an internet buffer is a little like Sky+, but on an almost unimaginably large scale. GCHQ, assisted by the NSA, intercepts and collects a large fraction of internet traffic coming into and out of the UK. This is then filtered to get rid of uninteresting content, and what remains is stored for a period of time – three days for content and 30 days for metadata.
The result is that GCHQ and NSA analysts have a vast pool of material to look back on if they are not watching a particular person in real time – just as you can use TV catch-up services to miss a programme you hadn’t heard about. How is it done?
GCHQ appears to have intercepts placed on most of the fibre-optic communications cables in and out of the country. This seems to involve some degree of co-operation – voluntary or otherwise – from companies operating either the cables or the stations at which they come into the country.
These agreements, and the exact identities of the companies that have signed up, are regarded as extremely sensitive, and classified as top secret. Staff are instructed to be very careful about sharing information that could reveal which companies are “special source” providers, for fear of “high-level political fallout”. In one document, the companies are described as “intercept partners”. How does it operate?
The system seems to operate by allowing GCHQ to survey internet traffic flowing through different cables at regular intervals, and then automatically detecting which are most interesting, and harvesting the information from those.
The documents suggest GCHQ was able to survey about 1,500 of the 1,600 or so high-capacity cables in and out of the UK at any one time, and aspired to harvest information from 400 or so at once – a quarter of all traffic.
As of last year, the agency had gone halfway, attaching probes to 200 fibre-optic cables, each with a capacity of 10 gigabits per second. In theory, that gave GCHQ access to a flow of 21.6 petabytes in a day, equivalent to 192 times the British Library’s entire book collection.
GCHQ documents say efforts are made to automatically filter out UK-to-UK communications, but it is unclear how this would be defined, or whether it would even be possible in many cases.
For example, an email sent using Gmail or Yahoo from one UK citizen to another would be very likely to travel through servers outside the UK. Distinguishing these from communications between people in the UK and outside would be a difficult task. What does this let GCHQ do?
GCHQ and NSA analysts, who share direct access to the system, are repeatedly told they need a justification to look for information on targets in the system and can’t simply go on fishing trips – under the Human Rights Act, searches must be necessary and proportionate. However, when they do search the data, they have lots of specialist tools that let them obtain a huge amount of information from it: details of email addresses, IP addresses, who people communicate with, and what search terms they use. What’s the difference between content and metadata?
The simple analogy for content and metadata is that content is a letter, and metadata is the envelope. However, internet metadata can reveal much more than that: where you are, what you are searching for, who you are messaging and more.
One of the documents seen by the Guardian sets out how GCHQ defines metadata in detail, noting that “we lean on legal and policy interpretations that are not always intuitive”. It notes that in an email, the “to”, “from” and “cc” fields are metadata, but the subject line is content. The document also sets out how, in some circumstances, even passwords can be regarded as metadata.
The distinction is a very important one to GCHQ with regard to the law, the document explains: “There are extremely stringent legal and policy constraints on what we can do with content, but we are much freer in how we can store metadata. Moreover, there is obviously a much higher volume of content than metadata.
"For these reasons, metadata feeds will usually be unselected – we pull everything we see; on the other hand, we generally only process content that we have a good reason to target."

ODESSA ROSE. If Meiko and Ingrid Michaelson had a baby. This is…

ODESSA ROSE. If Meiko and Ingrid Michaelson had a baby.
This is another Cause a Scene Music Venn Review. Featuring one of the artists from the next Cause a Scene house show, next week, July 7th. Doors at 7pm. Show at 7:30pm. $7 in adv/$10 day of show (Event Page)
Finding some tracks to sample by Odessa was not exactly easy, but I managed to dig up some acoustic videos to give me an idea of what her solo work sounded like, as well as the soundcloud page listed below with a couple studio tracks. I had heard her before, only side stage, backing up other artists like Nikki Lane, Rayland Baxter and others. So this was the first time I had heard her, solo material. Her song writing reminds me of that of Ingrid Michaelson, while her voice is a beautful combination of both hypothetical parents. I think she’ll be a perfect fit for this house show type setting.
Click on the diagram for a sample track by the artist.

Next week! El Jones!!!

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So exciting! Our special guest next week is El Jones!
El Jones is a spoken word activist and teacher. She was the captain of the two-time National Champion Hali slam team and has performed across Canada as a feature performer. She is currently teaching in Women and Gender studies at Acadia University and in the African Canadian Transition Program at NSCC.

El Jones was recently chosen as a Halifax’s new poet laureate! Can’t wait to have her at WN!
We love Tumblr & Stationery by Thijs

Single At Twenty, or Why I Sleep Alone

All of the things you think about —
should’ve cut my fingernails this morning —
does any of it really matter at all?
Did I remember to put on deodorant?
At this point in my life, I have no reason
to be as insecure as I am, but I am — I am twenty.
Life is filled with beautiful people
who you can never seem to be with
until you get to be with a beautiful person.
Until then just wish them well. Until then there is now —
now there are a million things to think about —
should’ve washed my hair this morning.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but what picture or poem can fully capture the beauty of Nature? As impossible as such an endeavor may be, author Brian Wayne Maki has made the effort, and the result is his heartfelt poetry collection Nature’s Pride: Beauty & Words.

The book is filled with poems on all aspects of Nature, including moments when Nature is still and at rest, and many poems about the poet or observer, presumably Maki, watching Nature as it changes and how Nature provides a moment of realization, an epiphany about life, or just a reason to feel content. From a shoreline he visits when he needs guidance to a silent meadow that invites creativity and sunsets that inspire, Maki covers all aspects of Nature and man’s relationship with it. In addition, he has selected some stunning photographs taken by Sue Ballreich, a native of Upper Michigan like Maki. Ballreich’s images include deer in winter, the Lake Superior shoreline, chipmunks, sunsets, forests, beaches, and several other subjects.

I especially like the book’s title poem, “Nature’s Pride,” and its connection to America. In one of the stanzas, Maki writes:

There’s a sense of it everywhere
A true sense of America’s past
Across the highest rocky mountain
Over fields, streams, and clear lakes
Something speaks loud and true
It can only be - Nature’s Pride.